Easily wall mountable tools are ideal for professionals. Can be used with a 1.5 kg filler cartridge. which from 2.00 kg. They allow you to prepare at any time the amount of product required, with the correct mixing ratio stucco-hardener. Portable version. Practical, low-power and usable anywhere. Ensures accurate mixing ratios.

Model 5000

Automatic putty dispenser for 10 kg cartriges

Model 200-300

Sealing unit for pots of putty ano hardener cartridges for use with our dispensers. Supply and sealing unit for use with our dispensers.

Model 4000 Economy

Portable manual putty dispenser, strong and easy to use. Takes 1.5kg cartridges with a diameter of 84mm and 188mm in length.

Model 3000 Big

Portable manual dispenser for 3kg cartridges with a diameter of 99mm and 248mm in length, and tubes of catalyst 19mm in diameter.

Model 2000 italia

Portable manual dispenser for 2kg cartridges 99mm in diameter and 188mm in length, and catalyst tubes 24mm in diameter and 178mm in length.

Model 1000 piccola

Portable manual putty dispenser, the model 1000 small extremely practical and light. Takes 1.5kg putty cartridges with a diameter of 84mm.