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Modello 10000 Adimatic

ADIMATIC 1 pratical – strong – modern

With the adimatic gun mixer nozzles of various lengths can be used as well as cartridges without nozzles in order to avoid wasting resins. An automatic release system prevents damage to the gun when the cartridges are empty. The ergonomic grip makes for a more precise positioning of the adhesive. The ring makes the gun easy to reload and serves to hang it on a hook. The barrel encloses the cartridges completely protecting them against accidental knocks which are a frequent occurrence. After each use the gun draws back by 1 mm to prevent splllage.

COD. 11000
The cartridge ratio is normally 1:1 with 2 tubes of 21 mm in diameter. The gun can however be modified on request to obtain a ratio of 1:2 with one tube of 25mm in dlameter and one tube with a diameter of 18mm.

The gun can be customised with different colours and the company logo.

Weight 0.410 kg. 1 item in each pack

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