Salcom’s processing phases consist of 3 steps:


Moulding with 40 ton mechanical presses. Up to 350 tons. with manual feed or automatic line 400 mm x thickness 4 mm.


Drawing, cutting materials up to thicknesses of 10 mm x 2 mt, 60 ton folder. x 2000, assembly of mechanical parts. Welding Mig. with robots, projection welding, mechanical couplings, machining with machine tools.


Workpiece finishing service with vibro buratto (ragged edge of cast metal). Production programming with dedicated software. Dimensional checks in production. Management of materials. Mold maintenance.

Complete management, from the raw material to the production of the finished parts or subassemblies, of metal articles obtained from shearing, automatic shearing or retrieving of sheets or strips of all types of metal, drawing, folding, projection or continuous wire welding with a robotic system.

Machining using traditional or numerically controlled machine tools. Treatment management: galvanising, cataphoresis, painting, heat treatment of materials. Assembly, assembly, testing and packaging of parts produced by us or supplied by third parties.

Our laser cutting system