This simple, economical system ellminates the need for large stocks and satisfies the clients every need in terms of colour spray paints. Just 100 ml of nitrocellulose, synthetlc, acryllc or other type of paint and a few simple operations and the spray can is ready for use. Strong, extremely safe and quick to clean. The casing is made entirely of stainless steel. The manual system is simple ano economical. Easy to use and to install, by pressing the lever a hydraulic jack is activated which creates the necessary pressure. Dimensions: w=270 mm, 0=310 mm h=770 mm, weight 30 kg loaded.

Model 17000

Agitator for spray cans containing paint, improves product quality by fostering color mixing with the gas and the diluent.

Model 7500

Unique solution for a high number of cans to be filled with the same color.

Model 7000-8000

Spray can filler system for paints of all shades and colours.