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Model 2000 italia

Portable manual dispenser for 2kg cartridges 99mm in diameter and 188mm in length, and catalyst tubes 24mm in diameter and 178mm in length.
Comes with a special adapter for 1.5kg cartridges with a diameter of 84mm.
The percentage quantity of catalyst can be adjusted from 1 % to 3%.
Packaging: 1 item each box.
Net weight 2.7kg.

The right quantity at the right moment.

The possibility of adjusting the percentage quantity of catalyst makes the job faster and more precise at any outside temperature.
[ – ] The bracket supplied can be used to fix the dispenser to the wall leaving the work area clean and tidy. The dispenser can easily be transported on site wherever it is needed.
[ – ] 100. Pneumatic dispenser for 2kg cartridges with adjustable catalyst percentage. Practical and handy it can be used near the place of work

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